Monogram develops and repositions brands, then takes them to market for maximum impact and benefit. We’ve worked in nearly 50 B2B and B2C categories on 4 continents, so our expertise is grounded in determining the wants, needs and preferences of important audience segments, then crafting messages and visual components that consistently inform, impact and influence behavior.

If your firm or one of your portfolio companies is not best-in-class and needs help in identifying an ownable position, building superior content and executing programs across the sales and marketing spectrum, you’ve come to the right place.


BRANDING: being on point, everywhere

Since 1996, we’ve brought to life dozens of PE brands, capturing the individual elements that make those firms unique in a sea of me-too. From pitching investors to announcing deals, from attracting new talent to enabling reporting functions, we help you deliver your message – consistently and effectively – in a streamlined, sophisticated way.

portfolio co: Strategy, Planning and programs for growth

Most of the mid market companies PE firms acquire do not have brand, sales and marketing as a core competency. We understand well how to strategize, plan and execute on detailed branding programs that rethink assumptions, manage for acquisitions and deliver measurable performance for both sales and marketing. 


This methodology has successfully been used for three types of business needs:

Acceleration: Businesses not growing at expected levels

Turn-Around: Declining businesses which require new insights & innovation to grow

Integration: Acquired businesses which need a growth plan

Our Process

See what we offer you every step of the way: