A proven, Thorough Process

Our research-based methodology leads us to a comprehensive brand idea that serves as the guiding light for the rest of our repositioning work. This singular objective fuels all of the creative that communicates to every audience not just what your brand is, but why you do what you do.


Intake Session

We begin every project with a half day meeting to deepen our understanding of the unique background and features of your firm. We review your team and history, target audiences, investment focus, portfolio companies, competitive set and more.


Internal Marketing Audit

We review and analyze all of your existing marketing communications including the website, pitch decks, investor letters, emails, fact sheets and more, looking for key messages, recurring themes and design consistency.


External Interviews

We conduct phone interviews with a cross section of your external constituents such as investors, intermediaries and CEOs to elicit their perspectives on your firm and the PE sector overall.


Brand Brief

This one-page summary of your clarified brand contains an overview of key audiences with insights, brand facts, brand personality and a range of other inputs. This document revolves around a single brand idea. This is your firm’s DNA. It’s what makes you different, unique and better. This framework forms the strategic foundation for all of our creative development and recommendations, ensuring the work is focused, consistent and on point.


Trademark and Visual Identity System

We often develop a new or updated logo for your firm, along with a common library of design elements including fonts, color palettes, patterns and textures, and more that will be used throughout all of your marketing content. We also apply this new look to your business stationery.



We offer two platforms for site development (Squarespace and WordPress), each with distinct advantages and disadvantages. We manage the entire process from planning to going live, starting with detailed site mapping to ensure your site is easily navigable for prospective sellers and investors, and culminating in a rigorous quality control screening.


Original photography

All of our rebranding engagements include new, original photography that showcases your team. We direct the entire process, from planning through retouching of final images.


Copy development

We write all brand level copy and edit your factual copy for style consistency, with a focus on SEO performance.


Presentation PowerPoint Deck

We prepare one ~25 page firm overview deck (or a library of templates) using the new brand message and design system, for use in presentations to investors, intermediaries and prospective sellers.


Email Templates

We review your email distribution platform and prepare several templates for your ongoing use.