So many options. Which is right for you? 

We offer three distinct levels of product for PE firms wishing to create a sophisticated, customized and responsively programmed web site – each with advantages and benefits from which to choose. We can walk you through which is the best alternative for your firm in 30 minutes or less.


option 1:

Squarespace is website building, hosting and maintenance platform in the SaaS model. It is very effective in developing clean, well designed web sites quickly and cost effectively, using their templates and embedded programming.



  • Responsive Design (auto formatting for mobile, tablet)

  • Very cost effective

  • Fastest to create and execute

  • Many templates from which to choose

  • Includes hosting

  • Contains easy to use interface for changing content


  • Least original, most simplistic

  • Design dependent on great photos and copy

  • Significant design, layout, copy and content restrictions

  • Limited add-on functionality

  • Requires Squarespace hosting and programming, so if you close your Squarespace account the site cannot be migrated elsewhere


option 2:  Wordpress Template

Wordpress is the most commonly used website development platform, providing access to thousands of programmers. There are hundreds of existing Wordpress templates from which to choose, enabling some degree of customization and the addition of plug-ins module for enhanced functionality. 


  • Responsive design (auto reformatting for tablet, mobile)

  • Moderate cost

  • Moderate development time

  • Many templates to choose

  • Contains user back end for changing content

  • Hosting and maintenance separate from site, so site can be hosted anywhere


  • Restrictions on design, copy and content to avoid custom work

  • Overall design Interface not unique

  • Requires more QC than Squarespace



For those PE firms wanting to customize their message, content and visual presence for the highest degree of originality, we offer a full range of planning, site architecture, message development, visual identity and interface design, video development and customized programming services, for a user experience that could only come from your firm.


  • Original design and grid, so most differentiated end product

  • Design can be applied to other materials

  • Original photography

  • Custom features and displays, thousand of plug-ins available


  • Most expensive

  • Takes longest to produce

  • Most time intensive for client

  • Most complex, so longest time to QC