always Keeping an eye on the world

By Michael Calk, Account Executive
May 5, 2019

Cultural and national boundaries are reducing, so having a global perspective in whatever comes next is critical, in any field, I think.
— Jaini Bhavsar

Jaini Bhavsar, a graduate student at Loyola University Chicago, discovered The Monogram Group in her search for an internship relevant to her study of global strategic communications. Jaini came alone to Chicago from India on a student visa, with no one but her maternal grandparents in this country.

Jaini’s interest in global IMC stems from the ever-expanding world of digital and social media. Her awareness and advocacy of the impact this can have for a brand internationally is ever-present in the approach she takes as our lead social media content and client competitive audit author this semester.

Her eye towards the global market is reflective of Monogram’s work for the past 20 years. Our international work has not been limited to foreign companies entering the US market, but also US brands with an international footprint. For example, our work for Life Fitness, the world’s largest exercise equipment brand, impacted sales and marketing in all 80 countries in which they operate.


Beyond our groundbreaking China branding practice and clients from Switzerland, Thailand, the UK and more, Jaini is our fifth intern from overseas. Beyond her native India, we have hosted students from China, France, Korea and Great Britain. It’s in our ethos to look beyond the limits of the United States, because there are authentic stories and perspectives that help open our eyes for the work we do for all brands.

When asked about our understand of the international markets, Jaini’s response speaks volumes: “Scott is very open to what others have to say. It might not mean he doesn’t have the knowledge – he sure does – but I think it’s more important that he has an open ear.”  

We don’t pretend to be authorities on the cultural nuances of every nation’s marketing practices. It’s our perception, our curiosity and our research that drives us to craft exceptional messaging and branding strategies that resonate on an international scale.

This is the first place I’ve worked… and it’s going to stay [my first] forever. I’ve learned a lot coming from a different country, learning how things work in an agency, understanding the details of branding and social media. Getting a real grasp on that has been very helpful.
— Jaini Bhavsar

Jaini’s time with Monogram is coming to a close, but her impact on our digital presence can be seen across much of the work we’ve presented to our clients. We look forward to seeing the mark that she leaves on the global digital landscape in the coming years. Given our international objectives, it’s likely our paths will cross again.

The home countries of several of our past interns.

The home countries of several of our past interns.