Aspiritech: A Business Brand Beyond A Mission


In 2008 Brenda and Moshe Weitzberg founded Aspiritech, a Chicago-based software testing company with the goal of providing meaningful work for people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome. Aspiritech harnesses the power of neurodiverse individuals to provide high quality software testing and QA.

Brenda maintains, “Neurodiverse individuals have highly valued skills like focus and attention to detail that help them thrive in software testing. We don’t just provide employment for people with disabilities. We provide high quality, competitively priced software testing.”

“The media often focuses on autism as a human, feel-good story. We had to steer it toward the fact that we provide a critical service to huge companies like Bose, Idexx and Astellas,” she says. Other Aspiritech clients include Medline, Aon and Johnson & Johnson.

In 2014, through Monogram’s counsel Aspiritech shifted its focus to be business- and service-oriented, instead of mission-oriented. As part of this new message, Aspiritech focused more on the work it provides than the people it employs.

“After working with Monogram, our brand is now understood and embraced, especially internally. By emphasizing the work we do, the staff sees themselves as a QA company like any other,” says Brenda. “External audiences see that too, when they visit our website and watch the video, for which we get a lot of positive feedback.”

Aspiritech has grown exponentially in the past three years. In 2015 its annual revenues were about $600,000, and today it’s about $4 million. Its staff has increased from 24 people on the autism spectrum in 2015 to over 100 in 2018. In addition, Aspiritech has tripled the size of its Highland Park, IL location and opened a new office in downtown Chicago as well.

“A lot of things converged that paved the way for our success. One of those things was working with Monogram,” says Brenda.

Aspiritech Highlights